We are Woobie

by David Spencer January 22nd, 2021

We are a team of dentists, veterans, and technologists on a mission to bring machine learning and automation tools to every dental practice in America.

Dental practices lag behind in access to AI-driven tools and insights

After coming from other industries, the founders of Woobie began partnering with dentists to operate independent practices. As they picked tools to support the dentists and staff, they were shocked by the lack of easy and affordable access to data-driven tools and the insights that modern analytics, like machine learning, can bring to businesses.

Woobie is not a team of data scientists or business analysts looking to sell data dashboards and colorful graphs. The Woobie team is operationally focused. That means we only build tools and software that move the needle for dental practices. Every user of a Woobie product will get an experience tailored to their practice, their role, and their goals.

We believe that by providing dentists with powerful software that we can level the technology playing field between independent offices and small groups and the well-resourced corporate megagroups.

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