We take work from anywhere literally

Team Woobie is Global and always connected, no matter how remote we get

Team of Teams

Team of Teams

Woobie's teams combine robust centralized communication ("shared consciousness") with decentralized managerial authority ("empowered execution") 

Enablers, Not Operators

Enablers, Not Operators

Woobie's teams support others success, they realize that we are the best supporting actor not star of the show

Move Fast, Break Things

Move Fast, Fix Things

No code is sacred, no interface perfect. Woobie's teams move fast to fix customer pain points and flaws in our products

Always Advancing

Always Advancing

Woobie teammates are hungry to learn and grow. They know there is always room to improve individually and as a team


This team is forging a new path on a mission to achieve the company's vision.


David Spencer

Co-founder & CEO

Shannon Peterson, RDH

Co-founder & Head of Dental Products


Sergio Martinez

Co-founder & Head of DevOps


Richard McShinsky

Machine Learning Engineer

Russ Robson

Director of Revenue Ops

Kayle Buchanan

Director of Mission Support

Jeff Powell

Senior Software Engineer

Israel Rios Contreras

Software Engineer

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