Workflow automation for frontline workers

Decision Dash Makes Every Employee An Expert

Decision Dash and Woobie Analytics allow every member of your team to be their best daily by uncovering the most impactful tasks for the top and bottom lines.

✓ Get the most out of your team with Decision Dash and Woobie Analytics

✓ Unleash the power of AI/ML and financial technologies

✓ Get vertical-specific tools to solve identified pain points


Woobie Analytics

Turn-Key Business Intelligence for multi-site Operators

Other decision intelligence providers make you pay for just the tool and then leave it to you to decipher the results. To make sense of your data, you need a platform that does the thinking for you. Woobie Analytics offers this and more – our platform is built on the Decision Intelligence Cortex using machine learning to provide daily user and managerial accounting insights with one simple interface.

Intelligence that works

Data Acquisition
Woobie assumes that all data is messy, ugly, and highly regulated… we call it toxic. We clean and warehouse big data for future value exploitation

Information Processing
Woobie processes raw toxic data into standard formats and schemas

Intelligence Enrichment
Intelligence is actionable information. Woobie enriches processed information to provide precise recommendations for each decision maker’s unique circumstance

Decision Dissemination
Woobie delivers hints and tips only to: right person, right time, right medium


Are your frontline Employees data literate?

Gamified Solutions Drive Workforce Behavioral Change

Unit Economic Aware Tasking

All Woobie workflow automations start with an understanding of the business's objectives and unit economics

Measure Contribution Margins

Why settle for vanity metrics when machine learning can provide up-to-date operational models

Drive Profitable Behaviors

Identify daily disruptors and optimize performance solutions

Strategy Drives Tasking

Strategy-driven tasking ensures that your business objectives are always front and center, keeping you on track to achieve your goals

Simple Interface for Workers

The best interface for workers is one that is simple and easy to learn, allowing for fast and smooth workflow integration

Sophisticated Analytics for managers and investors

Take out the guesswork and spend time on what matters most

Building an Intelligence Agency for the lower Middle Market

Co-Founders Shannon & David

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