Woobie Enables Local Business to Get Paid More. Get Paid Faster.

Woobie focuses on improving the decisions of shift managers and technicians in Local Businesses by bringing AI/ML, managerial accounting, and FinTech tools that are normally only accessible by large enterprises.

  • Designed for Entry-Level & Vocational Talent
  • Powered by State-of-the-Art AI/ML and Financial Technologies
  • Delivering vertical-specific tools to solve specific pain points

How it works

Secure Sync

Woobie syncs with on-prem and cloud data to replace intuition with data-driven decisions

Decision Intel Platform

Woobie's secure cloud platform is built to deliver the decision intelligence for very small business

Targeted Insights

We deliver actionable insights personalized to each person's role in each supported business

Ready to increase margins & staff productivity?

We're so sure our methodologies will improve your revenue and margins that we provides free lifetime access to our Decision Intelligence platform! (for eligible local businesses and their financial sponsors)

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